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 Overview of the Holiday Guests Area

Villa Holiday Services, as our name would indicate, specialise in servicing villa holiday accommodation.
We are authorised by the Valencia Tourist Authority for holiday services with the licence EEAT-0011-A.
In commune with our villa owners and their holiday guests we have one single focus and that is ensure relaxing and enjoyable holidays for our guests.
Consequently, the objectives of this guests-area are are -

To facilitate communication about your Travel Arrangements This is very important, please be aware of our arrival arrangements.

To answer Questions and Requests and Feedback after your holiday.

To provide maps and directions to our office.

To explain some important points about the villa owners terms and conditions.

To provide general information about the way we work and what you can expect from us, likewise what we expect from you.

To explain how you find us on arrival day with maps and directions.

To provide you with info. about the Moraira area, including links to help you to arrange all of your ancillary holiday elements (Cheap Flights, Hire-Cars, Taxis & Airport Transfers etc.)

Villa Owners Terms and Conditions -

Under Occupancy: You may have been given an under-occupancy discount and this is in order to make the villa affordable for smaller groups.
Consequently, the owner is expecting to have a reduction to out service charges. You would be restricted to certain areas and linen will only be supplied for a reduced number of guests.
These restricted areas may be locked off (arrangements vary). Nevertheless, if you have a reduced price for under-occupancy, please don't use the whole villa or we may have to charge the owner for cleaning it all.

The Inventory: This would have been quickly checked before your arrival. You may have been asked to pay an inventory deposit. Nevertheless, if anything gets broken please replace it or let us know so that follow-on clients are not inconvenienced.
Likewise, if there proves to be any shortages on arrival, please let us know as quickly as possible.

Consumables: You are expected to replace small items at your own expense, such as light-bulbs and batteries for smoke alarms and remote controls. If you find that these are dud on arrival then please just replace them and bring the bill into the office for a refund.

Utility Charges - for heating, air cond. and heated pools: You may be expected to pay for these over and above the villa rental (arrangements vary). Wherever possible these are metered and you will be charged according to consumption + a fixed fee for maintenance and admin. otherwise there may be a fixed charge.

Air-Conditioning and Central Heating: Please be aware that the "comfort range" 65 to 72 Fahrenheit equates to 18 to 22 Celsius and settings outside this can be self-defeating.
16 (61 F) set on the air-con remote control is much too low for comfort. If the equipment could achieve this you would need blankets or a duvet! However, what normally happens, is that ice begins to form on the heat exchanger and the unit shuts down, then it melts and floods the room. 20 to 22 is the ideal setting.
The same thing happens with reversible air-con units in heating mode.
Also, please don't ever use air-con or heating with windows and doors open because the energy consumption increases up to 10-fold.
The best way to use the equipment: Switch on 30 minutes before you go to bed, use a "knock-down" spray for mosquitoes at this point if necessary and close the door and window. Leave the appliance running all night. In the morning switch it off and leave the window open all day to air the room.

The Swimming Pool: Please read the notice provided about safety and usage. Let us know quickly if the water quality deteriorates. Generally the water will be slightly turbid after a days heavy use but the sparkle should be back by the following morning.
Please remove all "toys" when the pool is not in use and please, please remember to shower-off BEFORE swimming. If you do that the water stays cleaner, smells on you skin and costume are minimised and you probably won't have to shower off afterwards.

General Information -

Making Contact - We advise that you bring a mobile phone on holiday, even if it is left switched off most of the time. Please ensure that you have "Roaming" enabled.
If you need to contact us the numbers are shown below. If the line is busy, remember that you can always send a text message (to the mobile) and we will call you back.
A good idea is to provide us with your number on arrival in case we have to contact you.

Landline: 0034 965 744 096
Mobile: 0034 669 502 602

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to respond to lengthy text messages and, if you prefer to switch off you phone whilst on holiday and have an iPhone or similar high-tech device, the best solution is to send us an e-mail to -

Arrivals and Departure Times: You may not have realised but we have clients arriving at all hours of the day and night, especially on changeover days during the main Summer season.
The general rule
is that you would not have access to the villa until 19:00 on arrival day and have to leave at 10:00 on departure day.
However, we cannot clean and prepare all of the villas at the same time so in practice we vary our schedules, as best we can, to synchronise with flight times. We can only do our best, so please be patient and understanding if the arrangements are not quite right for you.
Generally it works quite well and the worst scenario is that you might have to while away an hour or so, having a final drink, lunch or even visit the beach, before you drive back to the airport and, if necessary, we can provide secure storage for your luggage and a shower-room to change and freshen up.

Perhaps you will arrive very early, before the villa is ready. In this case, as long as the previous clients have left, we would take you there to deposit your luggage, get an estimate of completion time from the cleaners and leave you with the keys, so that you can return once the job is done.

Delays on Arrival Day - If you are unable to arrive at the pre-arranged time please telephone to let us know what happened - we may be waiting for you at the office and may be able to help.

Emergencies and late Arrivals: We are normally only available at the office until 19:00 but we would always leave your "welcome bag" on the office door containing the keys and a map. There would be a contact number for you in case of difficulties.

Checking-In: Please bring passports or photo-ID documents of all adult members of you party (over 16 years). We would photocopy and file them. This is an obligation imposed on us by the authorities but it is for your benefit as well. If you should loose your documents we can usually get you back home without you having to obtain an emergency passport from the Consulate.

Breakdowns and Difficulties, both at the villa or elsewhere - We need to know about this as quickly as possible.
When you call about a breakdown you may well be asked to provide precise details. This is because we need as much information as possible in order to resolve the problem swiftly and minimise your inconvenience. Please remember, that if you don't tell us, we cannot resolve the problem and any complaints after your return can only be considered as observations.

Complaints: We like to think that there won't be any and in fact this is generally the case. Nevertheless it would be unprofessional of us not to make provision in case you feel that something went wrong that seriously prejudiced you holiday enjoyment.
We are obliged to provide the Official Complaints Form provided by the Tourist Authority and these are available on request.
Additionally we have an Incident Report Form and we would try to encourage you to use this first. A staff member would examine the complaint and try to agree a "Friendly Solution" - before the end of you holiday! We find that this usually resolves the situation. Failing a solution at this point we would resort to an official complaint and file all the details with the Tourist Authority for arbitration.
If you make a complaint on your return we obviously could not have rectified it at the time, consequently such complaints can be considered as observations only.

Departures: Please contact us towards the end of you holiday to agree the departure time from the villa. Even if you are leaving before 10:00 it is helpful for us to know because we can start cleaning early.

Condition on Departure: We expect you to leave the villa as you found it. Please lock up securely and return the keys to our office, make sure that the washing up is done, everything returned to it's place, rubbish removed to a municipal container and everything in a clean condition.
Remember to switch off all lights, air-con etc.
There is no need to strip beds, we actually prefer that the linen is left on so that it can be counted easily and towels should be hung somewhere to dry.

Consumables: All items (food, cleaning products etc.) are removed on departure. This is a health and safety requirement. We are sorry that you have to buy these items when you arrive but this is in your best interests.

Resort Information: You can gather a lot of information from our Website prior to your arrival. Later you will find a variety of leaflets, maps etc. at our reception or you can visit the Moraira Tourist Office.
VHS also place an information booklet in the villa with details particular to each villa and some resort info.